A revolution for HPHT cubic press

Problem of hinged cubic press

The hinged cubic press is widely used for lab-grown diamond production. No matter how advanced the equipment is, the problem of explosion has never been solved, which is the top headache for now. Most manufacturers of cubic press have been troubled by this problem. With advanced technology, Caratek rod-connected cubic press will not have the explosion problem. It is a major breakthrough in this industry.

Reason of explosion

It may come from placement of anvils, quality of materials, abnormal current, synthesis technology, stability of equipment, cooling, etc.

Advantages of Caratek rod-connected cubic press

With advanced components and intelligent operating procedures, the equipment will have high centering accuracy and repeatability, stable pressure field and adjustable temperature field.
Large pistons are connected by small piston rods; so the six large pistons can run simultaneously, ensuring the centering accuracy is less than 0.05mm.

Hydraulic servomotor controls pressure of the chamber, which can make the fluctuation less than 0.05MPA.
What’s more, multi-machine remote control can be achieved in one central control room. All parameters and operations can be handled or monitored in control room.

Significance of this breakthrough

Safer for operator, and less protection
Anvil consumption reduced
Replacement cost lowered (labor cost, consumables)
No damage to diamond, and quality of diamond enhanced