HPHT is one of method to create lab grown diamond by hydralic press machine, engineers mix the diamond power and graphite together to dissolve in metal catalyst, this carbon dissolved from catalyst flow into high pressure cavity by high temperature and high pressure reaction, in this way, the carbon grows on the lower temperature diamond seeds into jewelry grade white, yellow mono crystal diamond.

  • Size: 0.001-1ct, 1mm-5mm

  • Clarity: S1,S2,VS,VVS

  • Color: E,F,G,H

  • Type: HPHT lab grown diamond

  • Hardness: Mohs 10

  • Process: High Pressure High Temperature(HPTP)

Rough diamond1.2-2.0D/E/F/G/HVVS/VS/SI0.02-0.03
Rough diamond2.0-3.0D/E/F/G/HVVS/VS/SI0.10-0.15
Rough diamond3.0-4.0D/E/F/G/HVVS/VS/SI0.15-0.40
Rough diamond4.0-5.0D/E/F/G/HVVS/VS/SI0.40-0.65
Loose diamond+0-2D/E/F/G/HVVS/VS/SI0.003-0.008
Loose diamond+2-6.5D/E/F/G/HVVS/VS/SI0.008-0.03
Loose diamond+6.5-11D/E/F/G/HVVS/VS/SI0.03-0.07
Loose diamond+11-14D/E/F/G/HVVS/VS/SI0.08-0.13
Loose diamond+14-17D/E/F/G/HVVS/VS/SI0.14-0.17


  1. Perfect raw material control system ensures the stability of the products

  2. Advanced processing technology promises the superiority of the products

  3. Various kinds of products can meet different requirements of different customers